Botanical Name – Phyllanthus Emblica
Gujarati – AMLA

Composition :
0.5% Protein
0.1% Fat
0.7 % Mineral Salt
3.4 % Cellulose
14.1% Carbohydrate
0.05% Calcium
0.02% Phosphorus
1.2% Iron per 100 gms

It also contains little Niacin.
But it is Esteemed Principally for its high Vitamin C content – 600 mgs per 100 gms .

Tomatoes Have 32 mgs
Lime Juice 63 mgs
Pineapple 120 mgs
Banana 170 mgs
Guava Queen of Vitamin C has 200 mgs per 100 gms

Proves Indian Gooseberries contain highest amount of Vitamin C .

Daily Requirement of Vitamin C has been estimated at 75 mgs .

Vitamin C serves manny purpose in Economy Of Body . This Vitamin C value of Amla increases when the Juice is extracted from the fruit.

A tablespoon of each of Fresh Gooseberry Juice and Honey mixed together is valuable treatment for several ailments of the Respiratory System.

Drink made from Amla mixed with Lemon Juice & Mishri ( Sugar Candy ) controls Acute Bacillary Dysentery. ( Mardo).

To treat Rheumatism A Teaspoon of Dry Amla powder mixed with Jaggery can be taken twice daily .

Indian Gooseberry is also effective for Heart Ailments.

It tones up functions of all organs of the body and builds up health by destroying the Heterogenous or Harmful and disease causing elements.

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