Botanical Name : Psidium Guajava

Queen of Vitamin C

Guava has Numerous Varieties but It is Generally Divided into 2 Groups. One of them has a White Kernel and the Other has a Red.


1.5% Protein
1.2% Fat
0.8% Mineral Salts
14.5% Carbohydrates
0.01% Calcium
0.04% Phosphorus
1.0 % Iron.

Peptin is also said to Occur in Guava.

Guava has a Moderate Store of Vitamin A and Little amount of Thiamine.
It Contains 299 mgs Vitamin C per 100 gms . Vitamin C Content is highest in Fully Matured Guava but Essential is to Check in Which Pattern it is stored and Served.
Connection of Guava with Different Serving Dishes of Different Metals Changes the Nutrition Constitution of The Fruit.

Guava rates High in Various Mineral Salts . Compared with other Fruits it is rich Source of Iron, Calcium & Phosphorous.

Guava is a Dependable Laxative Fruit helping Bowels to keep clean without Difficulty.

Guava Given to Children with appropriate proportion and Carrier helps promote Nutrition Within.

Helps Boost Immune System.

Antioxidants in Guava defends the body from increase of Free Radicals in the body which are one of the main causes of serious condition like Cancer & Heart Diseases.