Auricular Therapy is a form of alternative medicine based on the principle that ear is a micro system which reflects the whole body. Physical health as well as mental wellbeing can be restored by providing proper stimulation with Acupressure and other painless methods for a perfect time period to achieve positive results. A great system of alternative therapy which can benefit a person to regain and maintain health.


Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. Purpose of massage is generally treatment of pain and management of pain. Providing perfect acupressure points and giving a massage at the particular portion of the body especially back, medulla, lower legs, hands, head etc. provides instant relaxation and relief to the person. Of course, selection of perfect therapeutic natural oil is also important to get perfect appropriate results. This type of massage can be given by hands or a professional device.


Yoga is a way to better living. It ensures greater efficiency in work and better control over mind & emotions. Through yoga one can achieve both physical & mental harmony. It is a process of educating total personality including mental steadiness. It integrates human personality at Physical, Mental, Moral & intellectual level.


Water is undoubtedly unseperated medium of our body. Every function of the body occurs by the flow of water in our body.we always drink when we feel thirsty.but there are several other indicators of lack of water in some or major parts of our body.

Without water no one can survive.Water possess therapeutic value for curing diseases. Water can be used by different methods for treatment of major diseases. Also appropriate guided in take of proportional water cures major of your health problems.


Our ancient Vedas possess the method of Therapeutic use of the Gem Stone which plays an important role of arranging the body system with the energy of planet & cosmos. Wearing the appropriate gemstone and with the appropriate carrier the energy passes through our hands thus by the utilization of Gem Therapy power towards positivity increases playing an important role in the path of Health, Peace & Prosperity.


Massage Therapy is a manual Therapeutic Procedure that uses Touch to treat the Muscular Structures of the body. There are many different types of Massage Therapy Techniques. Some Use deep kneading  motions and other use light pressure or long strokes. Local Massage Therapy is used to relive pain, increase blood flow, soothe aches & pains, relax tense muscles and increase the general wellbeing of the body.

Massage Therapy may improve range of motion, stretch tensed muscles, loosen ligaments, relieve spasm and associated pain & speed up recovery of fatigued muscles. Local Massage therapy has proven to be very effective in the above situations where only a particular part of the body which is effected is been treated. Selection of Massage technique and oil medium should be implemented by an expert therapist with proper appropriate pressure on the particular effected part of the body.


The use of Mud Packs has been found highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of Chronic Inflammation caused by internal diseases,bruises,sprains,boils and wounds. A mud pack is prepared with Clay obtained and prepared Scientifically with Medicinal Value by an expert Naturopath. It is most effective in decreasing the external heat & breaking up the morbid matter the reason for being afflicted by diseases.


The Triorigin Model Four point treatment is such a system based on one stem system, especially the Brain-One-stem Correspondence System and the underlying fundamental, coherent and experimentally verified theory of Triorigin and the Triorigin Model. Hand is not just a miniature copy of human body it is a unique place where fundamental orders are recorded. Triorigin model is well expressed in structure of hands. It is an absolutely new approach in treatment which is remarkably simple, easy to use and effective. This is quite promising method of treatment of various diseases in most simple way.


Music Therapy was introduced in India since the Vedic Times. Our Four Vedas in which Sam Veda has got a Sub Veda named Gandharvaveda. According to Gandharvaveda Maharshi Narada had introduced Music Therapy.

Music is not only a combination of Swaras. Music is called “Nad Brahma” which helps to vibrate body cells. Each Swaras has got a special effect. A combination of Swaras result in Raga which also has a different vibrational power.

Our Body is made up of different cells. Also it contains 80% water. The combination of swaras vibrate the water element present in our body and cells of the body. Also it stimulates the Nervous System.


Human body is the best creation of God. Human Body possesses an inevitable storage of self-healing mysteries. We need to relax at the time of performing mantra dhyanam. Vedic Mantras create vibrational effect to reduce the negativity in the body resulting in relaxation of body & mind.


Sun,the practical source of energy, god himself, possess the power to cure any kind of disease or body ailments. Swayam uses this natural source of healing through different techniques by adding a Spiritual Flavour of charging the entire intake of Sun Therapy Medium in our body for curing different ailments.


There are special energy points on hands and feet. In the contrast to the correspondence points of an organ or part of the body, the basic points have ability to exert strong harmonizing influence on the whole organism. Their usage is effective in treatment of the Acute Viral Diseases, Chronic Diseases, in the period of the rehabilitation, after surgery, in severe injuries, in feeble patients, in spring and autumn for increasing immunity, in elderly people & children,etc.It is possible to stimulate these points with different types of seeds as per the intensity of the disease or health disorder in guidance of an expert therapist. All points can be stimulated simultaneously or two or three points can be chosen by giving therapy on the Yin and Yang Surface of our hands & feet depending on the health disorder.


A Chakra is a spinning vertex of energy created within overselves by the interpenetration of consciousness and the physical body. Through this combination, chakras become centers of activity for the reception, assimilation & transmission of life energies.

In this system there are seven major Chakras arranged vertically along the spine, starting the base of spine & ending at the top of the head. In the physical body this seven chakras correspond the major nerve ganglia, glands of the endocrine system, and various bodily process, such as breathing, digesting and procreating.

The body is a vehicle of consciousness. The Chakras can be seen as the wheels of life that carry this vehicle through its evolutionary journey towards enlightenment within us. This wheels are like gears, each one appropriate for different activities or stages of life. As we open our chakras, we become more conscious and more fully alive. Our journey becomes smoother, more productive, yet more exciting as we become more fully who we are.


Raw juice satisfy and nourish every one of the twenty six thousand billion cells of which our body is composed. They revitalize the blood stream. They activate the nerves. They rejuvenate the glands & organs.They soothe the acid irritated tissues. Health can be regained by following the simple regime of Raw Juice Therapy.


Kitchen is a functional as well as a storage place in a house where raw material is used to prepare food. Most of the raw materials are plants and their products such as Chilly, Coriander etc. Majority of them possess therapeutic value and provide reliable remedies which are safe and less expensive. They can be used in odd hours of night as alternative medicines.


“MAGIC THERAPY OF COLOURS” deals with the history of Colour Therapy, The Modern Methods of utilizing Colour Therapy & the areas where it is beneficial. Modern man spends most of his life cooped up within the four walls. He rarely looks up at the sky or enjoys nature. In such a situation body is missing out the invigorating colour vibrations present in the nature. The body is blessed with inheritant intelligence & knows what colour is required to repair which organ. This luxury is largely denied to us today. Having the right healthy colour can rectify this shortcoming.


Aroma Therapy is the therapy to cure different types of diseases with the oil extracted from Flowers, The oil is obtained by extracting oil from Flowers. The oil from all the five organs of the plant like Root, Bark, Leaves, Fruits, Flowers. The oil extracted contains medicinal value for treatment of the major diseases. Use of these oils increases the self-healing capacity of the body resulting in s Healthy, Relaxed Body. The oil is used by various methods according to suggested appropriate definite, exact quantity. Massage, Inhalation etc. through, Aroma Therapy oils with correct appropriate Naturopath Guidance presents a relaxed Mind & Body.


Acupressure is an undoubtedly effective & supportive treatment to cure any kind of disease. It accelerates the inner self-healing power of the body to regain health.

The end point of each and every blood vessel & our nervous system lies in our hands & legs. By giving appropriate pressure on those pressure points diseases are cured. It also generates energy to our body increasing the vitality of our body. The points considered in this treatment are Micro Acupressure points different from regular Acupressure Points.


The use of Mud Packs has been found highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of Chronic Inflammation caused by internal diseases,bruises,sprains,boils and wounds. A mud pack is prepared with Clay obtained and prepared Scientifically with Medicinal Value by an expert Naturopath. It is most effective in decreasing the external heat & breaking up the morbid matter the reason for being afflicted by diseases.


Mudra is a Sanskrit word for gesture, symbol or expression. A Mudra in Yoga is usually made by the positioning of our fingers & thumb. This creates certain neuronal connections, to impact the flow of subtle energies & balance out the elements within us. Hasta Mudra is meant to ensure that health remains in our hands. Minute pressure on the pulse center of different parts of our hand, triggering multiple healing processes within the body part associated with it. The Hast Mudra channelizes Pranic Energy in a way that the waves of the ocean generate tidal energy or a short circuit that is used to boost electrical impulses.Nadis & Chakras radiate Pranic Energy.